A rich service history prioritising customer care and quality, from one generation to the next.

Galicia Laundry is a family-run business which has been servicing London's hospitality sector since 1978. 

From restaurants and hotels in those early days to health clubs and care homes today.


In the late seventies Galicia Laundry was a small operation run from a basement by two brothers, with their simple business aim of treating their customers how they would like to be treated themselves. A work ethic that has served them well over the past 35-years.


Galicia Laundry grew rapidly in the 1980's as the brothers trawled the restaurants of London securing new business. Always asking for clients testimonials along the way, the brothers supportive and flexible approach, led to a move to larger premises in the 1990's after a decade of established success. 


In its' current prime location in Park Royal, North West London, the Company premises sits amongst an array of industrial and commercial business outlets, which is testament to how far Galicia Laundry has come since those early days.


Over all these years, Galicia Laundry has gained the knowledge and expertise to help and support even the most inexperienced business owners with their linen hire and laundry requirements. From their opening day to their busiest peak periods we offer bespoke services at incredibly competitive prices. Securing new business is only a first step for us, retaining that business over many years is the rewarding challenge we are happy to say we have achieved for nearly 35-years.


How do we do it? A strong work ethic underpinned with traditional family-values has enabled Galicia Laundry to prioritise Customer Care and Quality for the benefit of all our clients.


Are we happy to supply laundry services to the establishments of London for another 35-years?


It would be our privilege.