Our processes and staff training ensure our customers receive a quality laundry service.

From the moment your soiled linen arrives at our premises right up to when laundered linen is packed ready to be delivered back to your location we're checking the quality throughout. Move cursor directly over each process to find out more:



The process commences with the organised and systematic reception of all soiled linen that is dropped off at the Laundry by one of our drivers.



Once collected, the linen is separated by colour in order to proceed with the careful wash cycle. Each item is matched to its corresponding washing machine.



At Galicia Laundry we have made a considerable investment in the latest technology to ensure we consistently delivery clean linen on time, every time.



Our range of tumble dryers, reinforces the speed and efficiency of our drying process before being passed onto the Pressing stage.



Large, modern pressing machines guarantee an impeccable ironed and folded end product. Next, all linen is classified and stored in its corresponding position.



Throughout all these stages, all employees apply rigorous quality controls to ensure the quality that our customers are expecting. Each individual item of soiled linen is checked for damage as it is sorted and we also inspect for wear and tear and replace accordingly to ensure the very best results.



The Packing stage guarantees that all freshly laundered items arrive at their destination in a perfect state, ready to impress your customers.

Are you interested in a customised service package?

We'll be happy to meet you personally to agree which individual laundry services should be included and at what intervals they should be performed. After taking a close look at your premises, we'll make you a competitive offer tailored to your individual requirements. 


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